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Kerala Tourism Photos – Bekal Fort – Kasaragod

Bekal Fort Kerala Beach

Kerala Tourism – Kerala Photos – Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort is a 300 year old fort located in the district of Kasaragod, in the state of Kerala, in South India. It is perfectly shaped like a key-hole of a giant size near the Arabian Sea. It is one of the best-preserved and largest forts in Kerala. It is largely surrounded by silver sand beach. Its tall observation towers offer a superb view of the Arabian Sea. It is a popular shooting locale for photographers and film-makers.

Structural features of Bekal Fort:

Bekal Fort is located in the village named Pallikere spreading approximately 40 acres. The large water-tank with its steep flight of steps is its silent feature. It has a tunnel that opens toward the south. There is an observation tower that comes with magazine for storing ammunition. The tower top is the right place to get the panoramic view surrounding places such as Uduma, Kottikukulam, Kanhangad, Bekal, Pallikkara and Kanhangad. It is to be noted that the observation centre had strategic importance in largely discovering even the tiny movements of the enemy plus rightly ensuring the safety of the Fort. The sea waves always stoke the citadel. Three-forth of the fort looks extended towards the sea.

Just near the fort is located an ancient Muslim mosque and the Mukhyaprana Temple of Hanuman. These bear testimony of the age-old religious harmony in the area that prevailed. The defense strategy of the fort can be understood by its deep trenches and the zigzag entrance. There are still remains of mansion, palace and other building structures.


History of Bekal Fort:

In 1650 CE, Shivappa Nayaka of Bednore successfully constructed the Bekal Fort. This fort was a part of Mahodayapuram during the Perumal. Later, the fort came under the sovereignty of Chirakkal Royal Family. It also became a significant port town of Malabar and Tulunadu. Bekal fort played an important role for Chirakkal Rajas. It is believed that the Nayakas in Malabar fortify Bekal. A new fort was build a bit far from Bekal fort that was called as Hosfurg. It was built by Somashekhara Nayak who captured Taliparamba and Manjeswar of this region. Bekal fort fell in the hands of Hyder Ali when he captured the Nayakas. Later the fort served as a vital military station for Mysore ruler, Tipu Sultan who used for capturing Malabar. It is to be remembered that by the end of Fourth Anglo-Mysore War in 1799, the fort came under the direct control of the British East India Company.  It was part of Bombay presidency, in the South Canara District in Bekal Taluk. In 1799, it became part of Madras presidency. In 1956, Kasaragod became part of the Kerala state.

How to reach

By Road: Bekal fort has good bus link from Kasaragod, Kannur and Managalore. It is few kilometres away from the National Highway no: 66.

By Air: The nearest airhead is located at Mangalore airport that is about 50 km from the town of Kasaragod.

By Rail: The closest railhead is located at Kasaragod railway station that is nearly 16km away from here.


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