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Kerala Tourism – Thrissur Photos – Nature


Kerala Natural Pictures – Thrissur

Thrissur is very graceful with beautiful kole fields. It is very nice to see these paddy fields with water as a sea. Here, this picture I captured from Thrissur itself on my way to Pavaratty. A paddy field is a flooded part of arable land used to cultivate. Paddy cultivation is a typical farming of east, south and south east asia.These fields can be made to steep  hillsides .2oth centuary onwards paddy field farmig became  dominant farming. This photogragh captured natural beauty of paddy field as well as the beauty of nature. Many  rare birds can be seen in this kole field. Usually, spot billed pelican,darter, oriental darter,black headed ibis, painted stork, black bellied ter, cenerous vulture,and great spotted eagle are the main visitors  of this field. 

Kerala agriculture 

Kerala  agriculture university is situated in vellanikkara, thrissur. Variety species of plants can be avail there. It was established in the year 1971.Dr. p rajendran is the Vice chancellor. Relief packages conducted by the government are inefficient and insecure. The secret behind this big failure is that agriculture sector more focussed on credit and loan, rather than the productivity,income and farmer prosperity. Outstanding principal and interest created farmers life little bit misserable. To solve the problems of farmers, Our govenment decided and take certain decisions  as follows

  • 70% reduction in seeds
  • Pradan mandri krishi sinchai yojana – improve the irrigation in the country
  • Pradan mandri fasal bheema yojana – crop insurance to farmers
  • Subsidy to farmers – great  relief to farmers
  • Soil health card – To improve  productivity through proper use of inputs

It is important to note that, solution is better than lip service. Here, ther are some tips only to farmers:

  1. Strengthen Farmers – Making farmers educate and  making them aware about all the latest tricks which make farming simple.

– Making aware of marketing the products in market. And don’t get cheated by any.

– Changing agriculture process from unorganised manner to an organised one.

– Make search of all governmental programs and let it be on right hands.

–  Aware about crop rotation.

2. Introducing efficient methods – Agriculture sector is more advanced in other countries

-Agriculture sector is more advanced in other countries than india.

– Efficient methods will reduce stress and efforts.

– Spend of sufficient time.

3. Water Management System

– Beware of water scarcity problems.

4.find alternate source of income

-For the proper health of farmers, alternate some other income source should available.

5. Need for risk management


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