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St Thomas Church Kodungallur

St Thomas Church Kodungallur

St. Thomas Church is situated in Marthoma Nagar, Azhicode, in the town of Kodungalloor, in the district of Thrissur, in the state of Kerala, in Southern India. St Thomas Church Kodungallur is locally known as Mar Thoma Syro-Malabar Catholic Church. It is one of the most sought after and popular churches in Kerala. A good number of beleivers, devotees and pilgrims visit this particular temple during auspicious, regilious and festive days with great devotion, dedication and commitment.

History of St Thomas Church Kodungalloor

According to the local legends, the apostle St Thomas is strongly believed to have arrived in Kodungallur in the year 52 A.D. it is cited that he founded the church. It is also strongly believed to be the initial Christian church within India. On the other hand, it still largely houses ancient relics that are perfectly displayed to visitors only at certain times in a calender year. In the gospels, St. Thomas is largely portrayed as a challenging and courageous personality. It is strongly believed that he had wholeheartedly preached the gospel with keen interest from Ethiopia to China with lot of perfection. In West Asia, several churches regard him proudly as the father of its faith. It is to be highly noted that he established the initial Christian church at Kodungalloor. He was the great architect just behind other significant Churches located in Kerala such as Kottakkavu, Kodungallur, Palayur, Kokkamangalam, Niranam, Kollam and Nilackal.

Silent features of St. Thomas Church Kodungalloor

  • This church was built in the perfect model of the popular St.Peter’s Basilica that is located in Rome, in Italy.
  • It is situated on the banks of the river Periyar.
  • It is a place of worship cutting across caste and creed.
  • It is to be highly noted that for the good number of Indian Christians, this particular church is a historic pilgrim centre.
  • There is also a repository of Holy relics of Bl.alphonsa, Bl. Chavara and Bl. Mariam Teresa.
  • On request every Sunday, special mediatory prayer services are conduced.
  • On November 21, the primary feast of the church is grandly celebrated in Commemoration of the apostles ‘Entrance to India’ plus it lasts for a long week.
  • The interior and extrerior of this church is really stunning and beautiful in many aspects.
  • The church comes with full attendance on all the auspicious, religious and festive days with active participation of locals, devotees and pilgrims.
  • The locals of this region are part and parcel of this church. They indulge in all church related activities and other affairs with great enthusasim.

How to reach St. Thomas Church Kodungallur

By Road: Kodungalloor has good connectivity through government and private bus services from Thrissur and Ernakulam. On the other hand, from Kodungallor has better links to Marthoma Nagar in Azhicode.

By Rail: The nearest rail head is located at Thrissur. There are many express and passenger trains that covers Kerala and rest of India.

By Air: The closest airhead is situated at Kochi international airport that can reached by taxi or auto from the heart of Ernakulam town.

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