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Chimmini Dam – Thrissur Tourism

Chimmini Dam-Kerala Photos

A picture of Chimmini Dam which is in Thrissur District, Kerala. Image Courtesy : Jesvin Paul Chimmony Dam - Thrissur Destinations The Chimmony Dam in Thrissur is a scenic place to take nature tour and wild life tour in Kerala. When you take Chimmony Dam tour, you are also inside the Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dams in Thrissur District

Poomala dam in Thrissur

Dams in Thrissur The district of Thrissur has major 5 dams that are popularly known among its visitors. The five dams are Chimmony Dam, Peechi Dam, Peringalkuthu Dam, Poomala Dam and Vazhani Dam. Ecah and every dam have its own tale and significance in this particular region. These dams serve the

Kerala Tourism Photos – Poomala Dam – Thrissur


Poomala Dam Pictures - Thrissur, Kerala Poomala Dam is in Thrissur district,Kerala. Poomala dam uses for irrigation purpose which is in Mulankunnathukavu Panchayath in Thrissur. Poomala dam is a good tourist spot in Thrissur. In 1939 a division weir was constructed in the Poomala Valley and in 1968 a Poomala reservoir

Kerala Photos – Kerala Tourism – Poomala Dam


Poomala Dam (Thrissur) The Poomala Dam is one of the important Dam based tourist destinations in Kerala. This particular Dam is an irrigation purpose dam that is located under Puzhakkal block in the Panchayath of Mulankunnathukavu in the district of Thrissur, in the state of Kerala, in South India. The opening