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Tourist Places in Kerala-Thrissur


Tourist Places in Kerala-Near Chimmony dam Kerala Tourist Place - Thrissur Images Kerala has a variety of toursit destinations and this picture is from Palappilly which is near to Chimmony(Chimmini) dam which is a part of Chimmony wildlife,Thrissur. The place which shows in the above picture is unfamiliar to others. Because it

Kerala Photos – Chalakudy – Kerala


Kerala Tourism - Chalakudy - Kerala Chalakudy is in Thrissur district,Kerala. A river flows through Chalakudy and this picture belongs to the Chalakudy river.

Tourism in Kerala – Bharathapuzha Photos


Kerala Tourism Photos - Bharathapuzha Bharathapuzha known as river Nila and Bharathapuzha means river of Bharata. Bharathapuzha is in kerala which is a state of Kerala. Bharathapuzha has a length of 209km and it is the second-longest river in Kerala. The first is for the Periyar river. Bharathapuzha's another name 'Nila'