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Thrissur Pooram – Kerala Photos – Chamayam


Thrissur Pooram Chamayam Photos - Kerala Chamayam Exhibition from Thrissur Pooram Chamayam exhibition starts some days before of Thrissur Pooram. In the chamayam exhibition they displays several variety umbrellas from both Paramekkavu temple team and Thiruvambadi temple team. They make visitors attracted by their variety designs in their umbrellas. 2014 Thrissur pooram

Kerala Photos – Pooram Chamayam – Thrissur


Thrissur Pooram Chamayam - Thrissur Pictures - Kerala Chamayam Pictures - Thrissur Pooram - Kerala 2016 Thrissur Pooram exhibition starts on April 17th. The main Thrissur pooram  starts from 7am. Thrissur Pooram is one of the most famous temples festival celebrates in South India. Thrissur pooram is held in-front of Vadakkunnathan temple. Every

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