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Mattool Beach – Kannur,Kerala

Mattool beach - Kannur photos

Matool also known as Mattul is a place near Payangadi, which resides north of Kannur,Kerala. The famous river, Valapattanam River meets the Arabian sea at Mattool. Mattool is considered as a boating destination with boat services to all coastal areas of Kannur, India. Image source: Instagram, Image courtesy: Mirsa Balrahman

Paithalmala tourism – Kerala Photos


Paithalmala is a hill station in Kannur, Kerala. Paithalmala is located near Pottenplave village. Paithalmala is the highest geographic peak in Kannur. Paithal mala is located at 65 km from Kannur. Image courtesy: Tom Mathew, Jithin Joseph, Vincent Muttathil