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Dams in Thrissur District

Poomala dam in Thrissur

Dams in Thrissur

The district of Thrissur has major 5 dams that are popularly known among its visitors. The five dams are Chimmony Dam, Peechi Dam, Peringalkuthu Dam, Poomala Dam and Vazhani Dam. Ecah and every dam have its own tale and significance in this particular region. These dams serve the basic need of the people and state at large.

  • Vazhani Dam is located near Wadakkancherry in Thrissur district. It is a clay dam that is built across the Wadakkancherry River. The water is used for drinking and irrigation purposes. In 1962, its construction was completed in a successful manner. This dam has a four-acre garden.
  • Chimmony Dam is located in Echippara in Mukundapuram taluk, in the district of Thrissur, in Kerala, in India. in 1996, the dam was completed. It is successfully constructed across the River Chimoni which is a tributary of Karuvannur River. It is operated by the Government of Kerala. It has a large reservoir.
  • Peechi Dam is situated in the state of Kerala, at the outskirt of Thrissur city in India. It is built across the Manali River. This particular dam was successfully started for the surrounding villages in Thrissur as an irrigation project. It largely catered the drinking water immediate needs of the population of Thrissur at the same time. It also perfectly serves as an irrigation dam. The water reaches out to the paddy fields spreadoutin and around the district. The dam comes with a vast catchment area of approximately 3,200 acres with cascading fountains and extensive botanical gardens offer several inviting avenues for visitors and tourists. On the bank of Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary, they can even spot tuskers.
  • Peringalkuthu Dam is located in the forested region in Thrissur district, in the state of Kerala, in India. It is a concrete dam that is built across the River Chalakkudi. It comprises Kerala State Electricity BoardsPeringalkuthu Hydro Electric Power Project. The board owns the dam. On the Chalakkudi River, this is the initial hydro electric power project to build. In deep forest, the dam is located and special permission isrequired to visit this dam.
  • Poomala Dam is a tourist spot located in Mulankunnathukavu Panchayath under Puzhakkal block in the district of Thrissur, in the state of Kerala, in India. It is an irrigation purpose dam. It is to be remembered that in the Poomala Valley a division weir was constructed in 1939. On the other hand, a Poomala reservoir was commissioned in 1968. The dam is constructed with mud plus stone. It is managed by the Kerala Minor Irrigation Department.

How to reach:

By road: There is good road links to all these dams from the heart of the city of Thrissur. It is advised to travel in own or hired vehicle to these spots so that you can enjoy the most as per your convenient timings. There is only few government bus service to certain dams. Tour operators conduct daily trips to these dams.

By train: The nearest rail-head is located at Thrisssur.

By air: The closest airhead is situated at Kochi international airport at Nedubassery.

Dams in Thrissur District
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