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Palakkad Photos – Kerala Destinations

Palakkad natural places pictures

Palakkad known as the gateway to Kerala due to the presence of the Palakkad Gap. Palakkad is blessed with many beautiful rivers. The nearest international airport to Palakkad is Coimbatore International Airport.   Image source: Instagram, Image courtesy: insta traveler, desi vagabonds, ajaykgopi

Kerala Village Photos – Engandiyur

Kerala village photos - Engandiyur

Engandiyur is a beautiful village in Thrissur district,Kerala. Tippu Sulthan Kotta, St. Thomas Church, The famous Aayiram Kanni Temple, Thirumangalam Temple are located in this Engandiyur panchayat. Image courtesy: PixelBlade & Saleesh Amigoz (Facebook)

Kerala Kalamandalam – Thrissur

Kerala Kalamandalam Kerala Kalamandalam is located in the district of Thrissur, in the state of Kerala, in south India. It was largely established in 1930 and founded by Vallathol Narayana Menon. Its campus is situated at Cheruthuruthy. At present, it is a deemed a University of Art and Culture under the

Thrissur Pooram Festival – Kerala


Thrissur Pooram Festival 2018 Wednesday 25th April 2018 11:30 AM - Madathil Varavu 2:00 PM - Elinjithara Melam 5:30 PM - Royal Dharbhar (Kudamattam) Thursday 26th April 2018 3:00 AM - Fire Works 12:00 PM - Farewell Thrissur Pooram  is a festival of Hindu temple held in Kerala, India. It is an annual festival. It is held at Vadakkunnathan