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Chimmini Dam – Thrissur Tourism

Chimmini Dam-Kerala Photos

A picture of Chimmini Dam which is in Thrissur District, Kerala. Image Courtesy : Jesvin Paul Chimmony Dam - Thrissur Destinations The Chimmony Dam in Thrissur is a scenic place to take nature tour and wild life tour in Kerala. When you take Chimmony Dam tour, you are also inside the Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kerala Tourism Photos – Thenmala Dam


Thenmala Dam - Kollam, Kerala Photos   Thenmala is in Kollam district and this Thenmala dam was built across the Kallada river. Thenmala dam is the second largest irrigation project in Kerala. Thenmala dam is said to be the longest reservoir in Kerala and its water is used for generating power. With combined effort