Buon Natale Thrissur Pictures

Christmas carol-Buon Natale-Thrissur Buon Natale christmas carol - Thrissur,Kerala


Christmas Crib Pictures – Kerala

Christmas Crib - Nirmalapuram Church-Thrissur   Puthanpally Christmas Tree - Thrissur,Kerala   Puthanpally christmas crib-Thrissur,Kerala   Lourde Palli Christmas Tree - Thrissur,Kerala   Puthanpally Thrissur Christmas Pictures   Picture of Christmas cribs and trees from


Chimmini Dam-Kerala Photos

Chimmini Dam – Thrissur Tourism

A picture of Chimmini Dam which is in Thrissur District, Kerala. Image Courtesy : Jesvin Paul Chimmony Dam - Thrissur Destinations The Chimmony Dam in Thrissur is a scenic

Poomala dam in Thrissur

Dams in Thrissur District

Dams in Thrissur The district of Thrissur has major 5 dams that are popularly known among its visitors. The five dams are Chimmony Dam, Peechi Dam,