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Tourist Places in Kerala-Thrissur


Tourist Places in Kerala-Near Chimmony dam Kerala Tourist Place - Thrissur Images Kerala has a variety of toursit destinations and this picture is from Palappilly which is near to Chimmony(Chimmini) dam which is a part of Chimmony wildlife,Thrissur. The place which shows in the above picture is unfamiliar to others. Because it

Tourism Photos Kerala -Thrissur


Kerala Tourism Photos - Bamboo Forest This Bamboo trees are from Palappilly which is near to Chimmini wildlife which is in Thrissur,Kerala. It is about 20kms away from Thrissur

Kerala tourism photos – Chimmini dam – Thrissur pictures


Kerala Photos - Chimmini Dam,Thrissur - Kerala Chimmini dam is situated in Echippara of Thrissur district,Kerala. The construction of was completed in 1996. The Chimmini dam is constructed across the Chimmini river which is a tributary of Karuvannur river.

Chimmini Dam – Thrissur Pictures


Kerala Tourist Places - Chimmini Dam This picture is of Chimmini Dam which is in Thrissur,Kerala. Chimmini dam is very wide. The beauty of the dam surroundings is unexplainable. It is very nice to go in the morning.

Kerala Photos – Chmmini – Thrissur


Kerala Tourist Places - Chimmini Chimmini wildlife - This picture is from Chimmini dam surroundings. Chimmini dam is situated in Thrissur district which is 35kms away from Thrissur city. Chimmini dam is surrounded with thick forest and the way to chimmini dam is surrounded with different cultivations and plantations such as rubber,